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I wish I hated you a little more by EloiseGauthier I wish I hated you a little more :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 12 5 Where is my mind by EloiseGauthier Where is my mind :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 9 9 We are the name of a nice song by EloiseGauthier We are the name of a nice song :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 12 12 The after party by EloiseGauthier The after party :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 14 2 Partner in crime by EloiseGauthier Partner in crime :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 17 10 Big giRls don't cry by EloiseGauthier Big giRls don't cry :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 15 12 - right now, I hate you by EloiseGauthier - right now, I hate you :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 20 11 sad Bird song by EloiseGauthier sad Bird song :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 10 8 Bad Intentions by EloiseGauthier Bad Intentions :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 15 8 Don't trust the Offspring of a Man by EloiseGauthier Don't trust the Offspring of a Man :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 8 2 Souls From The Same Star by EloiseGauthier Souls From The Same Star :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 13 8 Cry Baby Queen by EloiseGauthier Cry Baby Queen :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 11 8 Coffee Vibes , Good way to Start a day by EloiseGauthier Coffee Vibes , Good way to Start a day :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 6 2 The right hand will show you the right way by EloiseGauthier The right hand will show you the right way :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 0 0 Anna : the pineapple girl by EloiseGauthier Anna : the pineapple girl :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 3 3



I wish I hated you a little more
She fell in love. Now she's open
Gave him her heart and he stole it
All of his lies caught her frozen
Now you can tell that she's broken
But he is ok, he is ok, yeah
She's broken
Yeah, yeah
She's broken
But he is ok

                                        I love him, and there's no logic for it,
                                                         I can't help it.

Darla & Elena
Darla and Elena went to the same elementary school
and have been friends since then,
they know each other probably more then themselves
and Darla knows damn well how fragile Elena can be that's why she always warned her about her boyfriend.
but Elena never listen to anything,
a thing they have in commun, is their stubbornness.
She tought she could change him, make him a better person even how bad he was but at the end
he's the one who changed her and she even started smoking because of him !
that got Darla really mad
but she never tried to physically interact with that because she knew Elena wouldn't forgive her.
Sometimes Elena is lucid about the situation and tells Darla that she wants to dump is ass
but she always end up getting back with him but Darla never gave up on Elena anyway so those kind of scenes keep repeating themsleves.

so here's my part of the art trade with the babe primskorv , I really hope you like it because I actually put some effort on it. I love them they are so pretty please give them some of your love guys, they both deserve it !

Darla belongs to primskorv  (grey haired girl)
Elena belongs to Me

( btw if you didn't already, go check her page it's F* amazing I'm crying...)

Do not use or copy
We are the name of a nice song
I'm in love with your words
Will you show me the world?
Through your eyes 'cause you know
Just the way to put it on me
I'm in love with your words
Will you show me the world?
Through your eyes 'cause you know
Just the way to put it on me

                              The sound waves of your voice make me swim
                             Through the storm in a form I never knew about

Here's Camille and her beautiful girlfriend Maria.
She always have been the kind that doesn't show her emotions,
because she always ve' been scared of suffering
but Maria somehow get into her life, and literally changed her
she's now more open and not only to her but to everyone, she is really overprotective when it comes to her girlfriend but Maria usually deals with it.
they are that kind of lovey dovey couple but not too much you know
Camille love her like hell, she could die for her.
Please give those babes some love, they are precious
This is my part of an art trade I made with the pal  CatsShouldWearSocks
sorry this took my like forever but at list I did it!

Maria belongs to CatsShouldWearSocks
Camille belongs to Me

Do not use or copy.
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◇ Stuff about me ◇
1 • what's your biggest pet peeve ?
- people who are not respectful. That just piss me of so badly !
2 • what do you miss most about your childhood ?
- when I was waking up on my bed after sleeping all night on my couch.
3 • what does your dream partner look like ?
- better have curly hair so I could play with them all day, tall cuz for a girl I'm pretty tall, mixed or at list taned and for eyes I don't care. I'm so basic lmao
4 • weirdest cure word u ever heard?
- ?
5 • fave day of the week and why?
- Friday cuz it's not already week-end but ya know it's coming
6 • what are u doing this weekend?
- I'm gonna draw all day tomorrow and sunday I'm going to the hip hop north qualification in France ( if ya don't know I'm french) with a friend.
7 • first thing you notice when meeting someone new?
- It might sound weird but shoes...yeah......
8 • biggest turn off?
- I'm dunno tbh lots of things.
9 • whats your fave thing about yourself?
- I'm hella nice ! Ya know I like making people happy so yeah ! Or my body...
10 • name one of your fave memories
- got too many tbh, can't choose one
11 • do you have a crush? (if yes, why are you crushing on them?)
- not right now
12 • whats your fave thing about your own art?
-the way I draw faces, I think it's pretty
13 • whats one of ur worst habits?
-I'm always late like omg that's crazy ! Even when I try, I'M FUCKING LATE ANYWAY !!!

I'm way too lazy to think about new questions so answer the same as mine.
Anyone that wanna do it can and yeah I'M SASSY ASF



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