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Eros, I am in Love by EloiseGauthier Eros, I am in Love :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 6 3 Can I borrow one by EloiseGauthier Can I borrow one :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 16 4 There will be no miracles here by EloiseGauthier There will be no miracles here :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 15 20 Much more than royal by EloiseGauthier Much more than royal :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 21 24 Holy sinner by EloiseGauthier Holy sinner :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 10 4 Back home by EloiseGauthier Back home :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 20 11 I am not like them by EloiseGauthier I am not like them :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 9 10 Let's cause a little trouble by EloiseGauthier Let's cause a little trouble :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 9 11 I wish I hated you a little more by EloiseGauthier I wish I hated you a little more :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 16 7 Where is my mind by EloiseGauthier Where is my mind :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 13 11 We are the name of a nice song by EloiseGauthier We are the name of a nice song :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 18 12 The after party by EloiseGauthier The after party :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 17 5 Partner in crime by EloiseGauthier Partner in crime :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 19 12 Big giRls don't cry by EloiseGauthier Big giRls don't cry :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 14 12 - right now, I hate you by EloiseGauthier - right now, I hate you :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 20 11 sad Bird song by EloiseGauthier sad Bird song :iconeloisegauthier:EloiseGauthier 9 8



Eros, I am in Love
Passionate from miles away
Passive with the things you say
Passin' up on my old ways
I can't blame you, no, no
Passionate from miles away
Passive with the things you say
Passin' up on my old ways
I can’t blame you, no, no

loves hot chocolate 
with cream and extra sugar

Chicago Taylor

her parents are both in music: Bennet Taylor, her father, is a huge producer
and her mother is a really influential manager.
As soon as she could talk her parents made her take singing lessons,
she was home schooled and did not been able to make friends
until she went to a public high school.
Chicago always felt like she was different,
when the other kids was spending time with their parents,
she had to work over and over again,
from learning how to read partitions to how to tune guitars.
When she was younger, she most of the time felt overwhelmed by all of this,
and wished often to switch her life with the normal kids.
But Chicago is a strong and bold girl
so when she grew up she decided to start her own career
without following the rules of anybody excepted herself
and same goes to her life.

Man, you have no idea how much I love my baby  
I'm currently working on developing her, but just so you know I got more to come GIF Steven Universe - Wink 
I'm just so exited tomorrow I am officially on vacation  for the next two weeks !!
and I got so many projects that I can't wait to share with you
don't be RUDE, if you like my art please make sure to let me know !!
and leave a comment  
Tiny heart   


Can I borrow one
You say you want a bad bitch
Baby, now you have it
Now you got a bad bitch
Show me you can handle this
Say you want a bad bitch
Baby, now you have it
Now you got the baddest
Show me you can handle this

                                           Better not try her
                                               she Bites

Bo Pieterse
She's a 21 years old Dj,
with an addiction for cereals at anytime of the day/night
and if she does't have her dose,
trust me you don't wanna be there.
It was 5am which means that she had just finished a long night of working
and all she wanted was to get restocked with her favorite cereals
and then go to sleep for the next 10 hours.
When suddenly that big guy came out of no where,
that poor guy asked kindly if he could take one
but those "Reese's Puffs" are ONE thing that she can't share,
so that night guess who get back with the last one...

YUP you thought right, I did a whole drawing to explain how much my baby loves cerals cuz I'm extra af. I don't know why but Bo is that kind of characters thats makes me so happy, I should draw her more often.

by the way if you are passing by this page make sure to leave a little comment <3
I wanted to make a bald baby for so long, and I finally did it !
she needs new friends !! if you have some Oc's that also want to get a new friend let me know.

Do not use or copy
(Bo is my character if it wasn't clear)
                                                                                                              Tagged by :iconsweetlyviolent:


1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).

4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

Eight Facts about:Much more than royal by EloiseGauthier

Danielle is very scared of having kids one day, because it means that she would have to take care of someone else and spend tons of money for them AND SHE'S NOT READY FOR IT. But it's actually deeper than that, she's scared because she doesn't wanna fail as a mother obviously because deep inside she's still a child even thought she acts all grown up. which means you better bring tons of condoms
2: She has a fucking huge ego, like she will deny that she needs help no matter what and you're dreaming if you think you will ever get excuses from Danielle. 
3: Danielle is not very close to her parents mostly because they're not pretty okay with her choice of career, they wanted her to become a doctor, that kind of thing you know.
4: She's a Social media addict she could beat your ass for 1 damn unfollow which is funny because she's the kind of people who follows 60 people for 3K followers and she probably spends more time on instagram then sleeping lmao.
5: She actually has pretty good manners, you will never catch her burping or farting in public and she probably never done it in front of anyone, she would even deny being able to that,SO EXTRA.
6: Danielle's eyes are actually dark brow but she wears lenses.
7: She's pretty muck picky about EVERYTHING, from her food to the people she's friend with and passing by her clothes and many more things. 
8: She did her first time at 16 but just a few people knows it .


I tag:

:iconskoft:: Leigh

:iconkiller-instincts:: Milk
:iconcatsshouldwearsocks: : Octavia 
:iconopova: : Carol
:iconpearlchelle:: Felipe

:iconbringmemisery:: Bianca 
:icondecora-chan:: Andy 
:iconsweetlyviolent:: Cosette 



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